Family Owned

The Jerk Pit is a family-owned take-out restaurant serving the very best in Jamaican fare.  The restaurant first opened its doors in January 2000 and is operated by the Davis family who emigrated from Jamaica to Richmond in 1984.  A stone’s throw from Richmond’s Fan district, the Jerk Pit is conveniently located on West Broad Street, just across from the Children’s Museum.
Serving a variety of entrees but primarily focusing on the spicy and smoky flavors of jerk, the restaurant dishes up authentic Jamaican food in a homey environment.  Contact us for your next catering or any time you have a hankering for some great Caribbean home-style cooking. Learn more about The Jerk Pit here.

About Jerk

Jerk is a method of seasoning and grilling meat that has its origins with the Tainos and later the Jamaican Maroons. The Jerk method of cooking was primarily used in the cooking of pork, helping to preserve the meat for days while people traveled through the countryside.  Jerk was applied to wild hogs found in the Blue Mountain region of Portland. The meat was cleaned and dressed with spices and seasonings found around the area, then wrapped in pimento leaves for flavor.  The pig would be lowered into a pit with hot coals with additional coals added on top. The pit was covered for 6 – 8 hours to allow the heat to cook through the meat. Lean more about Jerk cooking  at, What Is Jerk?

Serving Jerk Specialties Along With:

  • Oxtails

  • Curried Goat

  • Curried Chicken

  • Jamaican Beef Patties w/ Coco Bread

  • And More......

Bring a little bit of sunny Jamaica to your table today. Visit us at 2713 West Broad Street, Richmond Va, 23220. We're located just across from the Children’s Museum.

Download Our Menu, View Our Smokey and Spicy Flavors Of Jerk.

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